Open Table

What would happen if something catastrophic happened in your life?  Lost your job?  House burned down.  Major medical issues.  Divorce.  Etc.  What do you do when things go bad?  We turn to the other people in our lives who can help us.  We use the social capital and relationships in our lives to carry us.  Most of us, we have lots of people that we could call upon to help.

A great deal of research has shown that those living in poverty don’t have that social capital and relationship to help them move from poverty.  We live in a society that doesn’t intermingle much between social-economic classes.  At least not in meaningful,relationship sorts of ways.  When people are ready to move out of poverty, they don’t have the help that we all have.

We in Aliquippa have brought a model of ministry that seeks to help people out of poverty by relationship.  There is an old saying that says something like, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”  it’s a little rough around the edges, but it makes the point.  Relationship.  Being involved in one another’s lives.  That’s how change happens.

The Open Table model gathers 10-12 people around a brother or sister for a year.  During the year, the brother/sister creates goals and the folks around the table stand with him/her to support and empower him/her to achieve those goals.

Here in Aliquippa, rather than doing Open Table as a bunch of individual congregations, we are working together.  On this first table that is ready to begin, there are folks from 10 different churches and there are six denominations represented!  How amazing is that!!!

Having met our sister, I am so excited for her and for the 11 people that will be gathering around her on this year of transformation (for all of them).

This is the beginning.  I am looking forward to years of Aliquippa brothers and sisters having the opportunity to move out of poverty.  I am looking forward to years of faith people putting their love of God and love for each other into practical and life changing application.  And I am looking forward to the faith community of this area rising up and declaring God’s love for everyone comes through a united Church.

Click here to check out their official page.  There are some great videos with founder, Jon Katov.

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