About HOP

House of Prayer is just one the of many fine churches in the Aliquippa/Hopewell area.  We are a group of your neighbors who are good at some things and struggle with many others.  We all struggle often with life.  However, we find that being in Christian community with one another helps us with hope and meaning.

We are a church that focuses on worship and caring for our community.  Our worship is particular.  Some might use certain labels like traditional or contemporary.  We would argue that our worship is both traditional and contemporary.  We use ancient traditions and rituals to tell an old story that must connect to ours now.  That story demands that we look to our community and care for them…now.

You are invited to come to worship and serve with us.

House of Prayer Lutheran Church exists to Gather, Teach, Nourish and Send all people to be Jesus followers.

-       Jesus is Lord

-       We are all broken and forgiven

-       We understand that God is revealed, not known

-       We welcome everyone

-       We live out God’s love

-    We are called to sacrifice   

We are also part of a larger denomination:

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America


Being part of the House of Prayer community means being connected to Lutherans from the US and from all over the world.  Part of the gifts that we collect in this community continues on to the national church (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) so that they are able to do ministry all over the world.  Literally, the ELCA saves lives.  Through its many branches, the ELCA provides medical support, disaster relief, and missionary work all over the world.  Millions of people are aided by the work that we do through the ELCA.  If you would like to know more about the ELCA, you may check out the website: www.elca.org

You may also check out our local division of the church, the Southwest Pennsylvania Synod.

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