Little Free Pantry!

It all started when someone was browsing Facebook.  She saw an article about a Little Free Pantry (LFP).  The whole idea was that of an outside cabinet that was a space for people to give and receive food.  Once created, the cabinet was an opportunity for anyone who had extra food to give it there.  And conversely, it was an opportunity for anyone who had a need for food to get it there.

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In the spring of 2017, House of Prayer assembled the first LFP in Aliquippa.  We certainly didn’t do it alone.  Construction (and materials) was donated by a local contractor.  The painting was done by one of our ministry partners in town.  And the continued stocking and supplying of food has been done by the whole community.  The LFP is stocked and emptied 2-3 times a day!  It is a great opportunity for people to be generous and for people to receive while maintaining their dignity.

Shortly after the dedication of our House of Prayer LFP, we struck up a great relationship with the folks at Faith Restorations Food Pantry.  The awesome folks there give us copius amounts of fresh produce weekly.  Now, every (late) Friday night, the Little Free Farmers Market is assembled on the porch right next to the LFP, offering free, fresh produce for whomever can put it to good use.  Indicating the need for this food, it’s typically gone by afternoon each Saturday!

LFPs continue to be constructed in the Aliquippa area.  Our Presbyterian brothers and sisters in Hopewell at Ohio United Presbyterian church dedicated theirs in August of 2017.  The Aliquippa Fire Bureau dedicated theirs around the same time.  More LFPs are popping up all around!  All three LFPs have been an incredible gift to the community!

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